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Care and Cleaning

Care and Cleaning

Make sure you get the most out of your cover by handling it with care. The cover will serve you longer and provide the best protection if you follow all the cleaning and care recommendations. Don't be afraid to wash your car cover!

If using washing machine, set it onto a delicate mode. In case of handwashing, swish around the cover and rub the material together if there are any extra dirty areas. Next, thoroughly rinse it and air dry – no tumble dry!!! Please note, the water shouldn’t be warmer than 86F (lukewarm).

Store the cover folded as it is recommended in the instruction sheets. During winter, clean the snow of the car body before installing the cover. If the vehicle is warm, let it cool down to prevent the cover from sticking to the car body. We also strongly recommend to install the cover only on a clean vehicle.

Do not remove the cover from your car in case there’s an ice layer in between! Pour some warm water onto the cover and wait for the ice to thaw. Then, remove the cover.