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Buy a SUV Cover from the CoverStore. Get your vehicle protacted.

Protect your SUV from the baking sun, sand and other harmful factors with a car cover. Buy a cover for the Ultimate protaction of your vehicle.

Once you own a sport utility vehicle you know how comfortable your car is and how nicely it meets your needs. But rememeber that being inside your car in summer might turn hellif you leave it under the sun just for a few minutes. Overheated air inside your suv, hot seats and steering wheel, hot water if you leave your drinking bottle inside - it’s not just pissing you off, you’re losing time while trying to lower the temperature inside! Don't spoil your mood and waste your time. Get a great waterproof cover for your SUV, use it easily and forget of annoying hot summer sun! SUV Covers are designed to protect your vehicle from major mechanical and weather influence. Definetely, it won't secure your car against the meteorite fall but multilayer SUV cover design guarantees durable protection from sun, rain, sand, wind, snow, tree sap, moisture, small stones influence and minor scratching.

More and more people find out that covering SUVs with covers (Even if one chooses a covered parking) is a smart and economically proven idea because the regular use of high quality SUV cover helps to avoid discoloration, rottingand surely extends your vehicle life. Easy-to-mount sistem allows to fix your SUV cover at the back of your car. You can unroll it within seconds by your own. CoverStore produce a wide range of SUV covers so you simply select the model and the year of your vehicle to ordera perfect-fit cover right away. We have a set of ready-prepared covers for all types of vehicles including mini (supermini), compact (crossover), mid-size, full-size and extended length SUVs.

Customized SUV cover option is also available. We are also glad to inform you about free shipping by CoverStore, Great Customer Service and 30 days easy return policy.

Let your vehicle stay safe with a nicely fit multilayer SUV cover by the CoverStore! Covers for Motorcycles by the CoverStore - get Ultimate protaction in any weather. Cover your motocycle with a waterproof multilayer cover to avoid overheating, minor scratching and rotting of your motocycle.

Motorcycles are nice vehicles for many purposes. Many people prefer them for different reasons starting from cost, convenience, ability to travel with friends, high-speed drive and race, etc. Watever the reason you own it one day you may face any inconviniences. For instance, under the hot sun forsake may be the reason for a big problem. Just five minutes under the Sun on a hot day for a while may ruin all your further plans! Get an easy-to-mount multilayer motorcycle cover and feel secure with your steel friend.

Multipurpose motorcycle covers by the CoverStore will protect your vehicle from major negative influences. Each blanket ensures protection from the certain negative powers by provision of the ultimate resistance from the sunrays, sand and wind, small stones, rain and morning dew, etc. Waterproof motorcycle cover is lightweight, easy-to-mount and easy-to-use. It is designed in a way you are able to unroll it easily withing just a few seconds.

The CoverStore has a wide range of waterproof covers for motorcycles. All you need just to select the model and the year of your vehicle release and most likely you'll be satisfied with one of the standard ready-to-buy variants. Othewise you just select an option of customized cover for your motorcycle.

The motorcycle cover is a relatively cheap accessory that will greatly prolong its life. The regular use of covers for motorcycles even if you choose to leave it under the covered parking prevents your vehicle from the discoloration, minor scratching, and extends wear of some detailes thus considerably reducing the maintenance costs.

The great customer service comprises quick response, convenient and instant shipping, 30-days easy return guarantee and impeccable attitude towards our customers.

Forget what it feels like when your steel hourse is hell like hot! Think of tomorrow buy a cover for your motocycle today! Maltilayer VAN covers for reliable protection from the sun, rain and scratching. Cover your car with a perfect-fit waterproof VAN cover and get a complete protection of your vehicle from the moisture, rotting and overheating under the sun.

Being happy VAN owner most probably you care about on how to reduce the maintenance costs and make it work perfectly as long as possible. But some external factors such as the weather are inevitable. Leaving your VAN under the sun even for a few minutes may turn out a big problem starting from the overheated air inside the vehicle to discoloration or even dysfunction of some mechanisms.

We guess an every VAN driver faces it time to time even if one prefers to take a covered parking. The sun radiation, rain and morning dew, snow, small stones and dust, bird droppings and tree sap - the influence of all of these factors now could be reduced with the help of the functional multilayer VAN cover by the CoverStore. Each layer shows perfect resistance in seperate weather conditions and quarantees general good product quality. The Waterproof VAN covers have a special tools for easy mounting at the vehicle back. It can be easily unfolded and applyed withing seconds. Rolled in a tube at the back of your VAN it takes almost no place and is easy to use right when it's needed! The great our stock allows you to choose your VAN cover among the-ready-made models (by search parameters as the manufacturer and the year of production) or to choose a custom fit option. Customized VAN cover will be a perfect decision in case of non-standard models or additional requirements.

We have a great Customer Service which allows an easy and fast contact to answer your questions or solve the issues at different stage. The Cover Store guarantees the perfect fit of your VAN cover, the fastest delivery service and 30 days easy return guarantee!

The Van cover is just an inexpensive accessory but it will greatly prolong your vehicle life! We would be glad to provide our customers with a valuable gift. Truck covers for sun, rain and sratches

Your truck needs protection from the sunrays, dust, wind, moisture and other destructive factors. Get a truck cover from the Cover Store. Let your vehicle be safe!

Truck is a nice and useful vehicle but sometimes you face problems to protect it from being overheated under the sun or to shield both the driver and the cargo sections from the rain impact, isn't it? Everyone knows that it takes just a few minutes under the sun and you have to cool it down for about fifteen or more minutes before you get a drive further. Or maybe you are one of those unlucky people who used to leave their tools and cargo in the truck while it's raining? What is the best solution to safeguard your car and protect it from major negative either mechanical or weather or human influence?

Our objective is to solve the great part of your problems by offering you the high quality waterproof truck cover! A multilayer protection sistem was designed thoroughly with each layer playing its significant role in complete truck protection from the sun exposure, moisture and mechanical influences.

The truck cover reliably protects your vehicle from the sunrays, morning dew, rain and snow, dust, wind, small stones, bird droppings, tree sap and other negative influences.

Even if you generally choose to leave your vehicle inside a covered parking the truck cover still helps to avoid the minor scratching, discoloration and rotting. Such a compact accesssory bought at a low price significantly reduces maintenace costs. In a truck case it's a good way to cover the cargo from the prying eyes. Easy-to-mount mechanisms allow you to keep your truck car always around and ready-to-use. The installation is the easiest thing. All you need is just two hands and a few seconds. The CoverStore offers the high quality truck covers for the major types of trucks. To find a perfect-fit accessory you need to select the model and the year of your steel friend.

The customized orders are also available at reasonable prices!

The CoverStore quarantees fast delivery and 30 days easy return policy.

Buy your truck cover now and get valuable gifts from the CoverStore!