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Payment Security


The security of payments in ASSIST is ensured by TLS-protocol which used to transfer confidential information from a customer to ASSIST servers for further processing. The server certificate is issued by Thawte - a recognized certificate authority.

The further data transfer is carried out through closed banking networks with the ultimate degree of protection.

All encrypted confidential information (credit card number and cardholder’s name, etc.) is being processed on a secure high-tech server of a payment processor company. This way no one, even the merchant, has any access to personal and bank details, including the information about purchases from other sellers.

A redirection to the website of the card issuing bank to authorize the transaction with a password will be initiated (in case the bank which issued your card uses 3-D Secure protocol and your card supports this program).

3-D Secure is a procedure for additional verification of a cardholder, designed to ensure security for online transactions.

3-D Secure technology is presented under a separate brand for each payment processor:

Verified by Visa – for Visa cards

MasterCard SecureCode – for MasterCard cards

SafeKey and JSecure – for American Express and JCB payments respectively.

Regardless of the name used, 3-D Secure technology ensures protected web sessions for online payments and provides transaction verification for the card issuing bank.