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Multilayer van covers for reliable protection from sun, rain, and scratching

Cover your van with a perfect-fit waterproof van cover, and get a complete protection of your vehicle from moisture, rotting, and overheating under the sun

Being a happy van owner, most probably you care on how to reduce maintenance costs and how to make it work perfectly as long as possible. But some of the external factors, such as weather, are impeccable. And, most probably, leaving your van under the sun even for a few minutes might turn out a big problem – starting from overheated air inside the vehicle to discoloration or even dysfunction of some mechanisms. We guess, each van driver is facing it time to time, even when you prefer selecting a covered parking.

Sun radiation, rain and morning dew, snow, small stones and dust, bird bombs and tree sap – the influence of all of these factors can now be reduced with a help of a functional multilayer van cover by Covers Store. Each layer performs perfect resistance to separate weather factors, guaranteeing good quality of the product overall.

Waterproof van Covers have special mechanisms for easy mounting at the back of the vehicle; it can be easily unrolled and applied within seconds! Rolled in a tube at the back of your van, it takes almost no place, and is so easy to use right when it’s needed!

Great assortment allows you to select your van cover among the ready-made models (by such parameters as the manufacturer and the year of production), or to choose a custom fit option. Customized van cover will be a perfect decision in case of non-standard models, or additional requirements.

We have a great Customer Service, allowing easy and fast contact for answering your questions or solving the issues at any stage. Covers Store guarantees perfect fit of your van cover, fastest delivery services, and 30 days easy return guarantee!

Van cover is just an inexpensive accessory, but it can greatly prolong your vehicle’s life! We will be glad to provide a valuable gift to our clients, so you're your van cover right away, and don’t miss yours!